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Portable Safety Cam

The PSC (Portable Safety Cam) is a robust observation system designed for observing workers in a confined space*. PSC have hard wired and wireless systems available. They are currently being utilised in the Mining / Oil Refineries / Ship Building and in many other industries working in confined spaces.

Portable Safety Cam Benefits

Customised to suite individual reqirements

We can customise our systems to suite your requirements.


Choose from one of our Wireless or Hard Wired Systems

Hardwired - Cabled for 24/7 with fixed and PTZ dome cameras allowing for 360 degree viewing.

Wireless - Small portable view station providing freedom of location for sentry/spotter.



Minimise Operational Costs

Reduce the number of spotters/sentries required from 4 to 1.

Maintain visual contact at all times, with one person observing up to 4 workers in confined spaces per system while reducing operational costs. 

Confined Space

Portable Safety Cam exceeds current Confined Space Code of Practice.

Our Confined Space Observation will help keep you  ahead of the competition while exceeding the current code of practise.

CONFINED SPACES Code of Practice February 2016 (Regulation 69, 5.7 Communication and Safety Monitoring (page 26). Communication and Safety Monitoring:

- Continuous communication with the worker from outside the confined space, and

- Monitoring conditions within the confined space by a standby person who is in the vicinity of the confined space, and if practicable, observing the work being carried out.

Fault Finding / Training

Footage of confined space work can be recorded and utilised for training and fault finding with our Hard Wired Observation System.

Assisting in greater education for work in confined space.

Award Winning

PSC has won awards for their Confined Space Observation systems.

Hunter Manufacturing Board Award 2015 Comcare and Seacare Work Health and Safety Awards 2014 (CATEGORY THREE: SOLUTION TO AN IDENTIFIED WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY HAZARD)

Option of Hire or Purchase

Only hire when required for set duration.

No budget requirements for plant equipment or continued maintenance .

Systems continually updated to meet latest requirements

PSC has various packages for short or long term hire. "HIRE  OR PURCHASE" options are also available. Call Now. 

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