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Wired Components

200 Series  1 Camera system hire from $790.00 per week

PSC 200 series is entirely a digital IP based system run from mains power.

The 200 Series PSC includes the following in the standard kit;


PSC 200 Series Hire
Observation Station
Dome Cam (360°)
Strobe and Buzzer Alert
RCD - Residual Current Device
Battery Backup
Magnetic Bracket

PSC 200 Series Hire

Hard Wired Series Weekly Hire Rates (ex GST)

1 camera system with 30m cable          $790.00 AUD

2 camera system with 30m cable          $1,020.00 AUD

3 camera system with 30m cable          $1,280.00 AUD

4 camera system with 30m cable          $1,500.00 AUD

(15m cable per camera plus 15m extension with each system hire)

Additional 15m cable extensions available at $30.00 each 

(recommended maximum of 45m cable per camera)

Rates valid as of March 2019. Rates subject to change

Observation Station

Enclosed in a portable heavy duty Pelican Case with wheels and handle for portability (55.1 x 35.8 x 22.6 cm).

  • The pelican case is water and dust proof.
  • Keyboard has control joystick, allowing for quick pan tilt zoom viewing.
  • Observation station runs on 240 volt AC and can be run 24/7.
  • Cameras run low voltage 12 volt DC with silicone heat resistant shielding to protect camera cable.
  • Push button strobe and buzzer alert on the monitoring station can be utilised by the spotter to signal worker in the confined space.
  • Spotter can view the screen in 4 images or convert to one camera if required.
  • The system has recording capability for playback. This can be useful to help train staff but the feature can be deactivated if required.
  • Data back up port allows for recorded footage to be copied to a USB stick or hard drive.
  • USB ports on monitoring station for charging of phone or other devices.
  • The system can also be used on a network, allowing remote viewing from another location onsite.

Dome Cam (360°)

  • Ease of setup with handle and magnetic bracket attachment.
  • Camera has pan tilt zoom capability, allows viewing of different locations in the confined space.
  • Alerts via strobe light & buzzer (all cameras)
  • Cameras run low voltage 12 volt DC for safety.
  • Each camera has 15 metres heat resistant silicone shielding to protect camera cable.
  • Camera can be ceiling or wall mounted on most steel surfaces.

Strobe and Buzzer Alert


Strobe and Buzzer alert located on top of camera, this can be used as a communication tool to alert the worker in the confined space.

Strobe and Buzzer can be activated from the monitoring station by the spotter.

Alerts on cameras can be activated individually.

Activation by depressing one button, button lights up to indicate alert has been activated.



RCD - Residual Current Device

  • Switches off electricity automatically if there is a fault
  • Installed to help protect against the risks of electrocution and fire caused by earth faults
  • Constantly monitors the electric current flowing thorugh one or more circuits it is used to protect

Battery Backup

  • Indicator light and siren engage with loss of power.
  • Battery backup up to 50 minutes.

Magnetic Bracket

Ergonomic bracket design for quick and safe attachment to the camera, using quick relise magnet allows for quick and easy set up of cameras to most steel surfaces.

Magnets can be fixed to flat steel surfaces 3mm thick or greater as well as round steel poles.


Control module and cameras are stored in watertight, crushproof & dustproof pelican cases.

With easy open double throw latches, fold down handles, retractable extension handles and strong polyurethane wheels.


Improve confined space safety, While Reducing Costs. 

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